Todd Harbour

Managing Partner

Todd has over 30 years of government and business experience and is a recognized data expert and business leader. As a government executive, Todd was the Chief Data Officer (CDO) for New York State and CDO for the Directorate of Science and Technology (DS&T) at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) where he led the development and operation of big data analytics capabilities across government. Todd also led numerous data initiatives that established rules of engagement, decision rights, and the accountabilities for the effective management of data assets. As an industry expert, Todd served as the Vice President of Federal Services for FGM for over 15 years, building the company’s Federal and international practice and helping FGM achieve a successful exit in 2012. Todd is also an Associate Director of the MIT-based International Society of Chief Data Officers and member of Data Management Association (DAMA). Todd is the author of two books and several papers on data management and data leadership including the first book on modern strategic data thinking. His latest book offers real-world recommendations to executive data leaders. 

Mike Morehouse

Managing Partner

Mike has over 30 years of experience in the U.S. Defense, Federal and Intelligence markets. In 1987 Mike co-founded FGM, a software engineering firm that focused on delivering innovative software and IT solutions to the Federal, Defense and Intelligence communities. Mike held numerous leadership positions within FGM including Chief Operating Officer, Chief Business Officer and SVP of Corporate Development. Mike led FGM’s successful acquisition and integration of Edge Technologies’ Federal Services Division. In 2012 Mike and his partners sold FGM to Arlington Capital Partners. Mike played a key role in developing and delivering FGM’s sell strategy and, ultimately, achieving a premium valuation. Now FGM is an integral part of Novetta. After his career in Government contracting Mike spent several years advising National Capital Companies on M&A projects. Mike has supported several M&A transactions as a senior advisor.