Cloud & Virtualization

Spinvi knows the cloud — AWS, Azure, and private clouds managed by government agencies.

Spinvi’s engineering team supports our customers by providing a wide range of cloud computing activities.

These include transitioning customers from a locally managed IT environment to the cloud, maintaining cloud datacenters, and administering virtual servers and applications. Our team understands the benefits of cloud and virtualization technologies, as well as the risks associated with both, and has proven it is capable of migrating and maintaining virtual services with no downtime to end users.

Spinvi currently manages a private cloud that spans the globe, with regional datacenters across the United States, in Europe, and in Asia supporting users 24/7. Spinvi is also responsible for the engineering and deploying a local IT footprint at each location in conjunction with a private cloud, giving the company end-to-end responsibility for its customer’s sensitive mission.

Spinvi’s role as a cloud broker grew out of its continuing success managing a virtual IT environment that includes a catalog of hundreds of military health applications around the world that users can easily browse and launch, all while Spinvi maintains and administers the VMs hosting those applications.