Software & Mobile Development

Software development is one of Spinvi’s highest-priority business areas for growth.

Spinvi’s engineers are experts in many coding languages and write software that is clean, bug-free, technology-agnostic, and creative to solve known problems or deliver new functions.

Our team of software engineers work in tandem with cybersecurity experts to design a framework which can be used to deliver cyber ready solutions across multiple platforms. By “baking in” a cyber baseline, our team has been able to substantially decrease the length of time required to achieve a Risk Management Framework Authority to Operate (ATO) for government customers.

To this point, Spinvi’s primary goal in software development has been to expand the ability of its federal government customers to use mobile platforms for sensitive mission tasks. Looking forward, Spinvi expects to begin larger-scale software development of full applications from concept generation all the way through coding, de-bugging, testing, and fielding in a production environment.